A Better Way to Control Presentations


Immensely Convenient

PhonePresenter comes with everything you need for a functional presentation remote. Now you no longer have to worry about remembering your old PowerPoint remote. Just use what you have with you - your smartphone!

Powered by WiFi

Instead of lasers or infrared rays, PhonePresenter uses your device's Wi-Fi connection to control your presentation. Wi-Fi allows greater mobility and controlling distance compared to traditional remotes because you're never limited by line-of-sight.

Works with all popular software
on all major operating systems

PhonePresenter is able to control just about any presentation software that exists, even software that doesn't work with regular remotes. And because it's cross-platform, you can use PhonePresenter on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Any device allowed

PhonePresenter isn't limited only to smartphones. You can use it with your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartwatch, E-Reader...

Pro Feature

Forget calling out which presentation you want opened. Launch files right from your phone, without ever touching your computer.

PhonePresenter Launcher

Pro Feature
Screen View

No more over-the-shoulder looks to read from your screen. See a preview of your current slide directly on your device.

PhonePresenter Screen View

Pro Feature

On a schedule? Use the integrated counter to keep track of exactly how long you've been talking.

PhonePresenter Stopwatch

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